Sample Mailchimp Signup Form Sample

Signup Form

Signup Forms can be hosted on Mailchimp using the Form Builder. By default, these forms will be styled in the brand of Mailchimp but they can be customized using NYCO Patterns values. Additionally, typography and buttons can be customize by importing a stylesheet via the CDN.

Form Builder

Below are the suggested base settings for the Form Builder design. To access the design panel, navigate to the Form Builder under Audience > View Contacts > Signup Forms > Form Builder > Design it!.


Setting Value
Background > Background #2F334F (Primary Navy)
Header > Font Size 28px
Header > Line Height Slight
Header > Margin Bottom 30px
Header > Margin Top 0
Outer Wrapper > Background none


Setting Value
Foreground > Background #FFFFFF (Base White)
Default Text > Line-height 1 1/2 Spacing
Default Text > Font-Family Trebuchet MS
Default Text > Font Size 16px
Default Text > Text Color #333333
Default Text > Padding 40px
Link Style > Text Color #3155A6


Setting Value
Buttons > Background #3155A6 (Primary Blue)
Buttons > Text Color #FFFFFF (Base White)
Buttons Hovered > Background #3155A6 (Primary Blue)
Buttons Hovered > Text Color #FFFFFF (Base White)
Field Labels > Line Height 1 1/2 Spacing
Field Labels > Font-Family Trebuchet MS
Field Labels > Font Size 16px
Field Labels > Text Color #5D5D5D
Field Text > Font-Family Trebuchet MS
Field Text > Text Color #5D5D5D
Required > Text Color #F2695D (Primary Red)
Required > Visibility Hide
Required Legend > Display Hide
Help Text > Text Color #777777
Errors > Text Color #F2695D (Primary Red)
Errors > Font Weight Normal


Additional styles and fonts can be imported from the pattern cdn using the method described below.

  1. Hover over the heading of the form, you should see the option to edit, remove, use image. Click edit. The dialogue for “Edit Your Content” will appear.

  2. Click the Edit Source icon <> in the WYSIWYG editor.

  3. Add a <style> tag that imports the Mailchimp stylesheet via the CDN.

Below is the sample snippet. Be sure to replace {{ version }} with the version number in the top right corner of this screen.

<style type="text/css">@import url("{{ version }}/dist/objects/mailchimp/mailchimp.css");</style>